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Village Design Statement

Hurstbourne Tarrant Parish Village Design Statement

Draft Village Design Statement

The Village Design Statement Working Group would like to thank everyone who commented in person or by email on the first draft of the Village Design Statement. About one hundred people attended the September open meetings including TVBC Councillor Phil North and Kit Malthouse M.P.

The Working Group has now prepared a new draft Village Design Statement which has been reviewed by the Parish Council. The draft was discussed at the January Parish Council meeting and it was agreed that the Village Design Statement could be submitted for review by Test Valley Borough Council officials. You can read the new draft Village Design Statement online at bit.ly/hbtdraftvds.

All review comments have been addressed and the Village Design Statement is now with TVBC being prepared for formal public consultation. It will then be submitted to TVBC for approval by the Council’s Cabinet and then by the full Council. This is likely to happen around the end April October. The Village Design Statement will then be a formal Supplementary Planning Document which must be considered in all planning applications.

If you can’t access the Village Design Statement online there are a limited number of printed copies available — please contact the parish clerk, Mims Edwards on 01264 736677 or email villagedesign@hbt.org.uk