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Hurstbourne Tarrant Parish

Hurstbourne Tarrant Book Club


CO-ORDINATOR: Pamela Reeves  01264 36130  07900 072961   Email          

Calling all Book Lovers!  We are now up and running.

Please join us if you enjoy reading and would enjoy a night of good conversation and an easy supper together. If you are interested, please contact me.

Current Group Practices

●      We meet once every 6-8 weeks on a Friday evening at 7:30.  We set the date at the end of each meeting and try to find a date that most of us can make.●  We take turns at hosting it at each other’s homes.● We share a simple meal together.  The host prepared the main course and someone else brings a pudding.  The main rule that we operate about the meal is that it needs to be simple, easy to make and that there is absolutely no social competition!  (1 pot suppers and things that can be eaten on laps are perfect)● We generally don’t talk about the book either before or during the meal and use this time to catch up with each other and drink a fair amount of wine.● After supper, we each briefly rate the book and say why. After each person has given their initial rating and opinion, we then talk about the themes that have come up and will talk through issues raised by the book.  We don’t have a set way that discuss the books and so each book inspires a different type of discussion: some discussions are directly related to plot or character, some discussions focus on writing style,  while others focus on the issues/ themes raised by the book. ● When we have discussed the book for about an hour, we rerate the book and total the scores. ● We then chose our next book.  

Currently we have a “hat” with titles of books we have all contributed.  People can have up to 3 books in the hat at any time and we have no rules regarding the types of books that can be read.  

 So far we have covered historical novels; military based novels, biographical novels, biographies and pure fiction.  

We also have no rules about whether you have read the book or not prior to putting it in the hat.  

We have agreed that if almost everyone has read the book we might agree not to read that as a group.  

We have agreed that sometimes a book really does not appeal or you might not have time to read it all, so generally we ask that people have read at least 3 chapters or 1/3 depending on the size of the book.● We then also plan our next meeting and venue.● We generally then continue to drink coffee and wine and talk about whatever we feel like.

  Overall, we have a really social group of people, who love reading and chatting and we strike a balance between a fun evening of socialising and book related chat.  If you are interested in joining, please contact Pamela Reeves, who would be happy to answer any questions.  Alternatively, just come along to the next meeting – we all have a problem with chronic over catering, so there will definitely be enough food!

Hurstbourne Tarrant Parish Hurstbourne Tarrant Book Club