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Hurstbourne Tarrant Parish

Policies & Documents

On this page you will find documents for Hurstbourne Tarrant Parish Council

Hurstbourne Tarrant Parish Council

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HbT Standing Orders adopted 15.10.18 HBT-PC-Standing-Orders-2018-adopted-15.10.18.pdf 283.7 KB Complaints - Code of Practice Complaints---code-of-practice-2016.pdf 37.4 KB HbT Complaints guide and form 2019 HbTComplaints-guide-2019-(1).pdf 209.4 KB HbT Financial Regulations adopted 17.10.16 HbT-Financial-Regs-(England)-Adopted-17.10.16.pdf 436.2 KB HbT - Freedom of Information - Guide HbT-Guide-to-FOI-publication-scheme.pdf 228.1 KB HbT - Freedom of Information publication Hurstbourne-Tarrant-Parish-Council-Freedom-of-Information-Publication.pdf 20.4 KB HbT Freedom of Information publication scheme 2019 Hbt-FOI-pub-scheme-2019-approved-Dec-2018-(1).pdf 198.2 KB HbT - Code of Conduct HbT-Code-of-Conduct.pdf 324.8 KB Register of Councillors' Interests 2015 HbT-register-of-interests-2015.pdf 484.5 KB Update to Register of Councillors' Interests 2016 Register-of-interest-IK.pdf 918.3 KB Declaration of Interests Cllr J Partridge Declaration-of-Pecuniary-Interests---John-Partridge-(1).pdf 1 MB Update to Register of Councillors' Interests 2018 Registration-of-Interests---EM.pdf 1.3 MB Allotment Guidelines and Tenancy Agreement 2019 Allotment-Guidelines-and-Tenancy-Agreement-2019.pdf 72.7 KB Flood Report March 2014 Flooding-report-Mar-14.pdf 826.9 KB Flood Plan 2015 FloodPlanJan15.pdf 134.6 KB Flooding insurance leaflet Flooding-insurance-leaflet.pdf 161.8 KB NWD AONB Leader Grant funding NWD-AONB-Leader.pdf 528.8 KB Community Survey 2015 Community-survey-summary-V4.pdf 2 MB Vernham Dean flood project map 2017 draft Vernham-Dean-Flood-project-map.pdf 694.7 KB Upton to Ibthorpe flood project map 2017 draft Upton-to-Ibthorpe-flood-project-map.pdf 695.8 KB HbT to Stoke Flood project map 2017 draft Hbt-to-Stoke-Flood-Project-map.pdf 891.2 KB Stoke to St Mary Bourne Flood project map 2017 draft Stoke-to-St-Mary-Bourne-Flood-project-map.pdf 928.8 KB Bourne Valley Flood Management and Costs Schedule with Highways comments 2017-03-08 Bourne-Valley-Flood-Management-and-Costs-Schedule-with-Highways-comments-2017-03-08.pdf 40.7 KB Parish Clerk - Job Description HbT-job-description-for-parish-clerk.pdf 349.3 KB Parish Clerk - Responsibilities HbT-Responsibilities-of-Parish-Council-Clerk.pdf 315.8 KB Parish Clerk - Person Specification HbT-Clerk-Person-Spec.pdf 102.5 KB

Policy Documents