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Re-opening the Community Centre – An Update

As you can imagine, with all the complex and sometimes confusing government legislation and guidelines around Covid-19, it has been ‘tricky’ to establish a clear picture of what can or cannot happen at the Centre – and when.  We hope that this update will be helpful in clarifying the latest position concerning the re-opening of the Community Centre. 

The ‘roadmap’ announced by the Prime Minister on 22nd February indicated that community centres/village halls could re-open (no earlier than) 12th April (Step 2), albeit looking at the Government guidelines for social distancing at that point (1 household only indoors) it was difficult to imagine what activities might in reality take place at the Centre. 

Then, it became clear from subsequent Government guidance issued on the 25th February that we could only reopen on 12th April for those exceptional activities permitted under lockdown (which did not apply to us), and that otherwise village halls/community centres were not permitted to re-open until 17th May at the earliest (Step 3).  Even at that point - as things currently stand - there are many limitations on the types of indoor activities that are permitted in village halls and community centres, and unless there is a change in the government legislation and guidance, social distancing requirements (‘Rule of 6’ or two households indoors) will apply. 

The light at the end of tunnel is that provided the government’s ‘roadmap’ for lifting all Covid-19 restrictions goes to plan, we should at last be able to fully re-open the Community Centre for everyone’s enjoyment starting from 21st June.  Fingers crossed!

We continue to monitor government legislation and guidelines and will keep you updated on any changes that might impact on plans for re-opening the Centre.

A trailer …

Behind the scenes, we have been building a new web site for the Community Centre and implementing the ‘Hallmaster’ online booking tool, which has been specifically developed for use by village halls and community centres.   This means that in future you will be able to check availability of the Centre and book it online.

So watch this space – we will be giving you all the details of this new facility in the next few weeks’!

In the meantime, if you need more information about this or the re-opening of the Centre, please get in touch with

The HTCC Team