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Hurstbourne Tarrant Parish

Village Show 2019

“Back To The Fuchsia”

How green-fingered are you?

Can you grow the best Fuchsia in the Village?

This year we are giving away fuchsia plants ready to grow on for the village show. If you feed and nurture your plant it could win best in show.

We have 30 fuchsia plug plants to give away – first come first served. These plants have been grown by our garden competition judge Martin, so they are guaranteed to be high quality. To get you plant please phone or email Helen Wright – 01264 736341 or helendwright@btinternet.com.

Saturday 20th July 2019

Put the date in your diary for this year’s village show. There’ll be a medieval theme and we will be welcoming the “Paladins of Chivalry”. Come and see what life was like in the 15th Century with demonstrations of Archery, Dancing, Cooking and Hand-to-Hand combat. This will be a real spectacle and entertainment for all ages. They have performed at the Tower of London, Canterbury Cathedral and Battle Abbey as well as on television.

Hurstbourne Tarrant Parish Village Show

And of course you can come in costume – how about Lord and Lady of the Manor or perhaps a mendicant monk or a peasant! Our Birds of Prey display will add to the medieval atmosphere. All the regular attractions will be there too:

This year's attractions 2019
  • Bric-a-brac
  • Bouncy castle
  • Classic Cars
  • Side Shows
  • Teas, cakes and strawberries
  • Craft and plant stalls
  • Betteridge’s Beers
  • Food stalls
  • Fun dog Show
  • Pims stall
  • Produce competition
  • Art and photos competition

We’re running the Hottest Chilli competition again. They can be started off from seed sown indoors from February onwards. Here’s a few pointers to success with a chilli:

Start them off one or two seeds to a pot on a warm and sunny windowsill. Pot them into a slightly larger pot before they really need it

Resist any temptation to pinch out the growing tip in order to make it bushier – first cropping will be set back by weeks if you do so

Chilli plants need to bask in warmth and protection from the elements all summer long- an early start will be rewarded with fiery fruits all through late summer

If you can help out with our “request list” or with anything else show-related do please get in touch with Andy (01264 736459 / andrew.w.watson@btinternet.com).

Please access the village show website for further information:   LINK

Hurstbourne Tarrant Parish Village Show

Hurstbourne Tarrant