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Hurstbourne Tarrant Parish

Energy Saving

Are you interested in finding out more about energy saving, climate change and renewable energy?

If so, this collection of articles on energy saving and the associated services should be useful.

Find out how to insulate your home, drive smarter and make more of your energy.

Articles are provided by the United Sustainable Energy Agency (USEA). This not for profit company operates an Energy Saving Trust advice centre in the South East (Thames Valley and Solent). It also manages Cocoon, the free comparison service which can help homeowners find the best deals on cavity wall and loft insulation.  

Beat the (credit) freeze this winter Beat%20the%20(credit)%20freeze.pdf 123.6 KB Avoid cold related illnesses this winter Avoid%20cold%20related%20illnesses%20this%20winter.pdf 68.4 KB Climate - it's the pace of change Climate-it's%20the%20pace%20of%20change.pdf 101.6 KB Energy saving light bulb myth Energy%20Saving%20Light%20bulb%20Myth%20Buster.pdf 79.2 KB Free insulation for the over 70's Free%20Insulation%20for%20Over%2070s.pdf 115.1 KB How smart is your driving How%20smart%20is%20your%20driving.pdf 256.6 KB Insulate and save Insulate%20and%20Save.pdf 126.8 KB Make the most of your energy Make%20the%20most%20of%20your%20energy.pdf 114.5 KB Time to go solar Time%20to%20go%20Solar.pdf 135.8 KB Is my house suitable for solar? Is%20my%20home%20suitable%20for%20solar.pdf 309.2 KB Together we can tackle climate change Together%20we%20can%20tackle%20climate%20change.pdf 197.6 KB How not to overheat in summer HowNotToHeatInSummer.pdf 6.2 KB Love food Hate waste! LoveFoodHateWaste.pdf 867.5 KB Free energy and waste minimisation surgery EnergyWasteMinSurgery.pdf 62.5 KB Preparing for transition PreparingForTransition.pdf 175.6 KB Sense in switching SenseInSwitching.pdf 117.2 KB The real green deal The%20real%20Green%20Deal.pdf 471 KB Preparing for rising energy prices Prepare_For_Rising_Energy_Prices.pdf 122.9 KB Should we be burning wood, gas or coal? Should-I-be-burning-wood-gas-or-coal.pdf 240.5 KB Incentive for greener home heating Incentive-for-greener-home-heating.pdf 119.9 KB Solid wall insulation Solid-wall-insulation-the-key-to-5-star-comfort.pdf 239.4 KB Secondary glazing - not second best Secondary-Glazing-Not-Second-Best.pdf 242.8 KB Is a wood burning stove right for me? Wood-Burner-article.pdf 415.5 KB Energy Envoys Energy-Envoys-help-community-hot-spots-to-go-green.pdf 226.4 KB Free energy saving home improvements free-energy-saving-home-improvements.pdf 111.2 KB